Frequently Asked Questions

How to send pictures from computer to phone?
Click the "create" button in the menu above, and upload the picture from your computer. Pix2Fone will help you to adapt selected image to your phone's display settings (first time you send a picture, the service will ask you to choose a phone model). Then you will be given a unique download code and can save the picture as your phone wallpaper using the phone's browser, - no cables or syncing required.

What is a phone wallpaper?
A cell phone wallpaper is a graphic image that is depicted on your phone as the screen background. Virtually all modern phones let you personalize the screen wallpapers. With Pix2Fone you can get new wallpapers on your phone for free and without having to use additional software, pay services, cables or adapters.

Does my phone support wallpapers or backgrounds?
As of today, 100% of modern cell phones are capable of using graphic wallpapers or backgrounds. Typically a few pictures come pre-installed on your phone and one of them is visible on your screen out-of-the-box. For up-to-date list of supported phones, please check out the Choose your phone page. If you are positive that your handset supports phone wallpapers, but cannot find it in the list, please let us know, - we will add your model.

Does my phone/network support mobile downloads?
Check out if Pix2Fone works on your cell phone/network by opening address in your phone's browser. You will be prompted to download a test picture - make sure you are able to actually save it on your phone. If you get some vague errors like "406: Not acceptable" etc., your network may restrict your mobile web access, - please let us know.

How do I know what phone model I have?
Check your phone's original packaging or turn the phone off and remove the battery, - there's a sticker on the phone body under the battery that contains the phone model info.

I can't find my phone model in your list!
Please check your phone make and model (see previous question) and contact us with this info.

How do I download the wallpapers to my phone?
The most simple way to get wallpaper on your phone is to scan QR label (that black-and-white square picture next to the wallpaper preview) with your phone camera. Alternatively, you can send the download link to your phone as SMS (text message) or open site in your phone browser and type in the wallpaper download code.

How can I scan these QR thingies with my phone?
Start a code reader software on your phone and point its camera to the QR code. The code reader automatically opens the wallpaper download link in your phone browser. If you do not have a pre-installed code reader software, here's a list to find one for your phone:
iPhone Android BlackBerry Windows Phone 7 Nokia Bada

How to change wallpaper on my iPhone?
To set wallpaper for Home and / or Lock screen of your iPhone:
  1. Open in Safari and save the iPhone wallpaper you created
  2. Tap to launch Settings from the Springboard
  3. Tap to select Wallpaper from the Settings Menu
  4. Tap to open Camera Roll
  5. Tap the picture you saved from
  6. Tap Set, and then choose whether to use it as wallpaper for your Lock screen, Home screen, or both
  7. Press the Home button to view your newly set wallpaper

How to change wallpaper on my Android phone?
To change wallpaper on Android phone:
  1. Open in your phone browser and save the wallpaper you created
  2. At your Home screen press Menu key
  3. Tap Wallpaper to open Select wallpaper from menu
  4. Choose Gallery
  5. Select the picture you saved from
  6. The picture already optimized for your phone screen, press-and-drag the edge of the orange box to select entire image
  7. Tap Save and press the Home key to view your new wallpaper

How to change wallpaper on my BlackBerry?
To change Home screen wallpaper on a BlackBerry smartphone:
  1. Open in your phone browser and save the wallpaper you created:
  2. Navigate to the saved picture within your BlackBerry Media icon
  3. Click on the picture and press BlackBerry Menu key
  4. Choose Set as Home Screen Image

How to change wallpaper on my Windows phone?
To change Lock screen wallpaper on a Windows phone:
  1. Open in your phone browser and save the wallpaper you created
  2. On Start, flick left to go to the App list, and then tap Settings > Lock & wallpaper
  3. Tap Change wallpaper
  4. Navigate to the saved picture, then tap Done
  5. Turn your phone off and then back on to see the new wallpaper

How long my pictures are available for download?
Phone wallpapers you created with Pix2Fone are avaialable for 24 hours. To keep them longer, you can share created wallpapers on your Facebook page.

Can others see my pics?
By default, only you have access to your picture download codes / pages. On your wallpaper download page you will have an option to share the picture by posting it to your Facebook wall.

Does Pix2Fone cost money to use?
Pix2Fone is 100% free to use. Your network may charge you to use mobile web access, depending on your plan. The good news is that you need very little mobile web traffic. As of today, accessing our mobile site at and downloading an average picture to your phone will cost less than 1 cent.

Do I have to sign up to use Pix2Fone?
No registration, no sign ups, no downloads are required in order to use our service.

Do I have to install anything on my computer?
No, you can use Pix2Fone service with your web browser only. Optionally, you can install our browser add-on (extension) if you wish to send pictures to your phone right from web sites you visit.

Is information I submit to Pix2Fone kept private?
Pix2Fone does not require you to register, nor does it collect any personally identifiable information about you. Your use of the service is absolutely anonymous. If you would like to use the "Send link" option on your wallpaper download page, a text message will be sent to your phone through the email program installed on your own computer. Yor phone number is NOT stored on our server or electronically in any other way.

Is it safe to install Pix2Fone browser add-on?

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